Into the Wild: Into the Woods is the one-hundred and eighty eighthUS/EU episode, and the second part of Into the Wild from the fourth season of The Garfield Show.


After being accidentally left behind, Garfield, Odie, and Nermal try to find food.


While Garfield, Odie and Nermal continue to chase Jon's car, the raccoons search the trailer. They switch loud music on and find popcorn in the cupboard. Charley finds a map, which he promptly throws out the window. The pets stop chasing the car and both Nermal and Odie begin to panic. Nermal proclaims they are now far from the necessities of life. Garfield tells them not to worry as Jon will realise soon enough. When night falls, they realise Jon is still unaware, and give up hope. As Garfield's stomach growling scares Nermal, Odie finds the map which they deem useful.

Garfield realises as animals, they can return to their primal instincts and proposes they hunt other animals for food. They try their hardest but are unable to catch any food. They almost give up until Odie spots the backside of an animal in a bush, which they think is a rabbit. Odie jumps onto the creature and begins to bite its tail. The animal stands up, revealing itself to be a bear who had been sleeping. Odie runs back and the three pets huddle together, scared that the bear intends to devour them. Nermal panics and runs into forest, while Garfield and Odie stay huddled together. As the bear approaches, it walks past them to a beehive.

While relieved, they observe the bear getting honey out of the hive. As no bees appear, Garfield decides they can get honey for themselves. While trying, the bees return, and unluckily, the hive falls from the tree into Garfield's paws, prompting him and Odie to run. Meanwhile, Nermal is still looking for a place to hide. He comes across a cave and decides to hide in. Inside, he wakes the same bear up, and is pursued throughout the forest. Nermal bumps into Garfield and Odie, and the three manage to escape when the bees notice honey on the bear's snout.

The pets devour the honey, pleased with its taste. Two beavers appear and ask the trio for some honey, which Nermal refuses. However, Garfield decides to give the beavers the fallen hive, much to Nermal's confusion, considering Garfield's personality. Having given the beavers the honey, Garfield suggests they go to sleep, trying to remain positive that Jon will return soon. They watch the stars as they doze to sleep. Meanwhile, Jon and Drusilla and Minerva all go to bed, all still incognisant. Arbuckle is unable to see properly from his rash and bids the raccoons goodnight. The raccoons continue their escapade, finding lots of food in the kitchen. Squeak notices the noise, and thinking it's Garfield, goes to complain. The raccoons spot him, and threaten him that he won't tell anyone.


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