Into the Wild: Call of the Wild is the one-hundred and eighty seventhUS/EU episode, and the first part of Into the Wild from the fourth season of The Garfield Show.


Jon brings Garfield, Odie, Nermal, and the twins to a national park; once there, the pets meet three rambunctious raccoons.


Jon Arbuckle is driving through the city with a trailer trailing the car. Jon is cheery about trip he's planned, camping at the national park. Garfield and Odie are travelling with him, and they both find the forest setting unappealing without household amenities, and that Nermal is travelling along with them. As Garfield assures Odie that it can't get worse, he finds out Drusilla and Minerva will be coming along. The twins reveal they plan to dress the pets up, panicking the latter. When they arrive at the park, the twins have already dressed Garfield, Odie and Nermal in scout uniforms. The pets try to stay in the car, but Jon forces them out.

Drusilla and Minerva watch a show about a famous pop star, Celest St. Clair, and find out the singer has planned an upcoming concert, much to their excitement. Meanwhile, Garfield and Odie are walking throughout the forest. While Garfield complains about Jon and the outdoors, the pets are unaware of three bushes tailing them. Odie finally notices the movement, and goes to investigate. After Garfield and Nermal test out an echo point, they follow Odie and find three creatures hiding in the bushes: three raccoons, namely Farley, Charley and Gnarly.

The raccoons are excited that the pets are from the city, but still maintain that forest life is better. As Garfield, Odie and Nermal try to accustom to the wilderness, it begins to rain, and they announce they have to return to their trailer. Gnarly isn't happy with the pets' attitude, and is now curious about the trailer. Inside, Jon prepares popcorn for the group, which Garfield promptly takes for himself. The raccoons appear at the trailer window, and ask to be let in. Garfield, who's not prepared to share, closes the shutters. The raccoons scorn the pets, and to teach them a lesson, push the trailer into a nearby poison ivy bed.

The morning arrives and Jon gets out of the trailer. He thinks the plant is redwood vine and begins to pick them. Drusilla and Minerva report the plant is poison ivy, and as Jon begins to itch, he panics and jumps into the lake. While the pets observe from the trailer, the raccoons take the chance to tackle them, steal their ranger outfits, and tie them up. Jon announces they need to leave because of his rash. Drusilla and Minerva tell Jon Garfield, Odie and Nermal are in the trailer, unaware it's actually the raccoons. Odie is able to bite through the rope, and unties Garfield and Nermal. They hurry to find that Jon is leaving without them, and begin to pursue the car.


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