Inside Eddie Gourmand is an episode from the second season of The Garfield Show.


When Eddie Gourmand becomes cranky, causing him to constantly give low reviews to restaurants on his show, Garfield is determined to figure out the source of Eddie's misery.


At Vito's Pizza, Jon, Garfield and Odie are having lunch, with Vito in a good mood since he is confident that Eddie Gourmand will give him another great review. When Eddie's show airs, Eddie starts saying how awful the food is, which causes the customers to run out of the store. A despondent Vito decides to quit cooking. Throughout the week, Eddie gives bad reviews to more restaurants, prompting Jon, Garfield and Odie to investigate. 

They go to the television station, where they see Eddie acting very rude and dismissive. Eddie's boss suggests seeing Professor Bonkers. Bonkers ends up using his new invention to figure out the problem. Garfield looks at the machine and finds himself in the shadows of Eddie's childhood. Eddie's mother, who is cooking many things for him, becomes concerned about what his appetite, which results in Eddie throwing a temper tantrum. After Garfield exits Eddie's past, everyone concludes that Eddie has a problem with his mother for not letting him eat whatever he wants. They decide to get in touch with her. 

The gang goes to Mrs. Gourmand's health food store and learn that Eddie stopped speaking to her because she wanted to feed him a healthy meal. Garfield takes Mrs. Gourmand to the station, where she reconciles with her son. Eddie goes back to giving good reviews and realizes that he should have a balanced diet. That night, Mama Gourmand makes a healthy dinner for Eddie and the whole Arbuckle household. 



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