In the Future is a song Orson Pig sings, alluding to the mysteries of time travel, and the future in the Garfield and Friends episode, Quack to the Future. Music and lyrics were provided by Thom Huge and Jon Barnard.


Orson Pig

  • Here we go zooming faster than the speed of light,
  • Sit back and relax,

Roy Rooster

  • And please enjoy your flight!


  • I just can't wait to see what lies up ahead,
  • Into the future to see where the past has lead,
  • I don't know what we'll find, I wonder what we'll see
  • In the future,
  • It's a mystery in time, don't know what it's gonna be
  • In the future,
  • The future that's in front of us will soon be in the past,
  • We better take it easy, this machine goes pretty fast!
  • I'm not a gambling pig, but I'd be willing to bet,
  • That the song I'm singing now was never written yet!
  • Forget a first time glance at how life is gonna be
  • In the future,
  • Did what I do today split up our family
  • In the future?
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