If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Alpha Centauri is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson, Roy and Wade take a pretend trip to various planets. Meanwhile, Orson's brothers once again try to steal their crop.


Roy, while walking around the farm, encounters Orson and Wade trying to figure out a place to go for their imaginary vacation. Roy proposes outer space, to which Orson accepts while Wade balks. Roy then imagines "Fantasy Airlines", an airport where he works as an attendant as well as a passenger. Soon Orson and Roy are on board a rocket ship.

Meanwhile, Wade is certain he will be safer staying on Earth. As Orson's brothers are raiding the farm's vegetable crop, they notice Wade and disguise themselves as scarecrows (or "scare-ducks", as they put it) to scare away the duck. Their plan works, and Wade ends up join Orson and Roy on their imaginary trip. After getting instructions from a stewardess, the trio first visit the planet Phil, which is inhabited by identical creatures all called Phil. They then go to a diner on a planet named Grottu, followed by other various planets with unusual names such as Flimp, Snortch, and Hassarendafurrondekoblikwelvtrein 7.

Orson is eventually exhausted, requesting that they go back to Earth. Wade is reluctant due to the "scare-ducks", which he describes as resembling Orson's brothers. Upon hearing this, Orson goes into a panic to return to Earth, only for Roy to remind him that their trip is imaginary; an instant later, they are back on the farm. Orson's brothers then run by them with the vegetables.

Roy tells Orson to re-imagine the rocket-ship; doing so causes Orson's brothers to wind up inside the vehicle (with Roy confiscating the vegetables). The rocket then takes off, with the brothers wondering how to leave. Orson appears on a monitor and tells them to ask "Phil" after they get off. Upon arriving on the planet Phil, they ask the inhabitants for "Phil", which results in confusion. Meanwhile, Orson wonders where his suitcase went while he and the others return the vegetables.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


Cultural References

  • The name of the episode is likely a spoof of If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium.
  • Roy mentions a planet called Folnn where everyone looks like Ed Asner.
  • Planet Phil is likely a reference to Phil Roman.


  • When Wart "thanks" Orson for the vegetables, he speaks in Mort's voice.

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