Identity Crisis is an episode from the first season of Garfield and Friends.


A dogcatcher gets confused over the species of Garfield, Floyd, and a dog.


Garfield walks into a pet shop, trying to use it as buffet, only to get thrown out in an alley as a result. He then encounters Floyd, who, initially not recognizing Garfield, begs for mercy. After exchanging greetings, they watch a literal rat race, followed by a dog being chased by a dogcatcher named Ralph. Ralph catches Garfield, thinking he’s a dog, only to be told otherwise by the chief dogcatcher, Mr. Mendelberger. Due to Ralph’s incompetence, he is told that he’ll be fired if he makes another mistake.

As Garfield and Floyd walk away, they encounter the dog Ralph was chasing, who growls at Garfield. Garfield then barks back, claiming to be a type of dog known as a Fido Felinus (a dog that looks like a cat). The dog believes Garfield, and leaves him and Floyd alone. Impressed by Garfield’s skill, Floyd gets to be taught how to meow, which is hard at first for him. Garfield demonstrates his ability to bark, which attracts the attention of Ralph. Ralph, convinced that Garfield really is a dog, chases after him.

Meanwhile, Floyd improves his ability to meow, which convinces the dog of a cat nearby. After learning that Floyd’s working on an impression, the dog gets to learn how to squeak like a mouse. When Ralph finds the two while chasing Garfield, he catches the dog. The dog then squeaks like a mouse, followed by Floyd meowing. When Garfield returns, Ralph catches him, declaring that he has finally caught a dog.

Mr. Mendelberger returns, reminding Ralph of his warning. Ralph tries to convince his boss that Garfield really is a dog, only for Garfield to meow instead of bark. He has no luck getting the dog or Floyd to make their expected sounds. He ultimately goes crazy over which animal is which. Two other dogcatchers bring him into the back of a city pound van and drive him away. The three animals then continue impersonating each other. A bird watches before mooing like a cow and flying away.

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Storekeeper
  • Mice
  • Seymour
  • Mr. Mendelberger (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Dogcatchers
  • Bird


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