Iceman is the fifty-firstUS/fiftiethEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Garfield tells a story about Olga, an ice cream woman who finds a frozen caveman.


Garfield is putting on a costume, then begins to explain why he is doing so. He brings up a flashback from a few weeks earlier.

The neighborhood got a new ice cream woman named Olga. She was unhappy about her job for three reasons: the kids on her route were not always nice, Garfield would steal her ice cream, and she was lonely. One day, Garfield came home while Odie was watching TV. After learning about a frozen caveman, Garfield promises to get him some ice cream. After finding Olga, he jumps into the driver's compartment to unlock the back of the truck. He accidentally falls on the parking brake, causing the truck to move and accidentally turns off the refrigerator in the back. After Garfield stops it and gets berated by Olga, the workers loaded the frozen caveman into truck. Olga then drives off.

Museum curator Esmeralda Brubaker decides to chase down Olga to get the caveman back; Garfield hitches a ride on her truck. Olga almost gets robbed, only for the caveman, who has been thawed, to save her. They fall in love, and Garfield gives them a chance to be together by trapping Esmeralda in melted ice cream. Garfield then promises to help Esmeralda with her museum, which leads to Garfield's costume. He and Odie pretend to be statues until the museum finds another caveman.

Meanwhile, Olga and the caveman are fishing.


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