I Like Having You Around! is the second segment from the thirteenth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Bo moves out of the farm when he feels that Lanolin dislikes his presence.


Orson writes a diary entry about disruptive events on the farm. The incident began when he noticed that everyone on the farm was acting unusual, in spite of seemingly normal events such as Wade being scared of a bug. Most unusual was Lanolin, who seemed to be acting mean toward everyone, especially Bo.

Lanolin first locked him out in the rain, causing his wool to shrink. She then knitted Booker a sweater using Bo’s wool (while it was still on him). Later, during a game of checkers, she became disagreeable with him out of nowhere. Bo ignored this by going to bed, only for Lanolin to burst in and disagree with him again.

Bo ultimately concluded that Lanolin must not want him around. He left a note about his departure and left the farm in favor of an old, abandoned cabin on top of a hill. Lanolin pretended to not be bothered by this; she would get upset with Wade after he simply greeted her. Orson suggested that she missed Bo, which she denied; according to Orson, this was evidence otherwise.

Some time later, a fierce windstorm hit the farm, and everyone took shelter in the cellar. Lanolin worried that Bo’s shack would not withstand the storm, and made it through the storm and to the cabin. She told Bo to come back to the farm, to which Bo told her that he would only come back if she admitted to truly missing him. After some difficulty, Lanolin complied, and she helped him escape the cabin just before the storm took away the cabin. Back in the cellar, Lanolin confirms that she missed Bo, and sings a song about wanting him around.

Orson ends his entry by writing that everything is almost back to normal; then Bo and Lanolin walk by arguing over whether Lanolin said she missed him, which Lanolin keeps denying. Orson then concludes that everything is completely back to normal.


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  • The picture of Garfield on Bo’s pajama top changes part way through the episode.


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