I'm in Charge is a song from "Orson Goes On Vacation". Music and lyrics were provided by Jon Barnard and Thom Huge.


Wade Duck

I'm in charge!
Did I say that?
Wait, this won't be hard!
I can do this!
No, I can't!
We need to hire a guard!

I'm the boss!
I'm in charge!
I'm the judge and jury!
Fix that! Nix that!
Take your time!
No, Wade, we better hurry!

Now, hold on, duck!
Just calm yourself!
Your strength will be revealed!
It'll be okay if I can hide all day!
And be a boss, concealed!

"Responsible" is my middle name!
I cannot trust to luck!
I'll do my best!
I'll take command!
The buck stops on the duck!

There are decisions to be made!
I won't be at a loss!
And the first decision I have made is
I don't wanna be the boss!

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