How the West was Lost is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


After Cactus Jake gets fired from Polecat Flats for failing to catch a rampaging horse, Garfield, Jon, and Odie help him find a new job.


Garfield, Jon, and Odie are visiting Polecat Flats and run into Cactus Jake. Jake tells him the ranch now has a new owner named Hubert E. Pingle. Hubert has bought the ranch to give it a more modern take.

Some of the newest inventions to improve the ranch include a device used for cattle herding and lassoing, and another is used for washing the horses. While they are going over this, a horse named Volcano breaks loose and starts charging madly. Jake tries to stop him with the Livestock Motivational Vehicle, which he is unable to operate. Volcano suddenly stops when Jake smacks him with his hat and scolds him. It turns out he has been smitten by some new mares that were brought in and he was charging at anyone who would wander into the territory. Hubert fires Jake for not being able to be up to date with his inventions.

Jon takes Jake into town so they can find him a new line of work. First, Jake tries being a shoe fitter; when he talks about heating the shoe up, the customer flees. Next, he tries looking after kids at the local daycare, where he lassos one of the kids meant for pickup. Then he tries serving customers at a restaurant, where he serves one customer his meal in a horse's feedbag. No matter what he tries, Jake always seems to have his western spirit get in the way.

They drive back to the ranch, hoping Hubert will rehire him; when they get there, they find Volcano is attacking him. Jake offers to help until Garfield reminds him that he does not work at the ranch anymore. Hubert hires him back and Garfield dons his persona Shorty to help calm Volcano. He lures Volcano into the washing machine to give him a good cleaning and it gives him a whole new look. The mares love him and Jake lets them out so they can flaunt with him.

Hubert gives the ranch back to Jake since he can do what machines cannot. Garfield, AKA Shorty, helps himself to a big lasagna feast for a job well done.


Main characters

Major characters

  • Hubert E. Pingle
  • Volcano

Minor characters

  • Odie
  • Shoe customer
  • Shoe store owner
  • Restaurant customer
  • Buford
  • Buford's mom
  • Ranch hands
  • Mares

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