Hound of the Arbuckles is the first segment from the forty-eighth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield dreams that he is Watson in the Sherlock Holmes story, "Hound of the Baskervilles".


Garfield is going to watch a movie about the Sherlock Holmes novel "Hound of the Baskervilles". When he turns the TV on, it appears stuck on static. Meanwhile, Jon is looking for Odie, who is apparently nowhere to be found. Garfield tries to call the repairman to get the TV fixed, while Jon wants to find Odie first. Jon gives Garfield a book on Sherlock Holmes' mysteries, thinking it would be better for him to read about them rather then watch them. As Garfield opens the book, he falls asleep and a dream sequence follows.

In the story of "The Hound of the Arbuckles", Sherlock and Watson (who is portrayed by Garfield) discover an umbrella belonging to Jon, who has lost his dog somewhere. Outside the Arbuckle residence, Watson finds a loose tile which believes to be a clue. Sherlock leads the way into the house looking for more clues. They search all of the house without any lead to the dog. Eventually, Watson deducts that the dog is on the house. They go to the roof and find the dog stuck up there. The constables get him down and reunite him with his owner. It turns out the tile Watson found came from the roof. Watson feels dejected for Sherlock taking all the credit for the mystery, after he did all the work.

Garfield is woken up by Odie's howling, which he follows outside. He finds a fallen over ladder, which he shows Jon. It is revealed that Odie got stuck on the roof, before being entangled in the antenna wire, which explains the television's lost signal. Jon manages to get Odie down before taking credit for being the one who found him. Garfield then knocks the ladder down for feeling discredited and invites Odie to watch what is left of the movie.

The two pets enjoy the film before they turn up the volume to drown out Jon yelling at Garfield to get him off the roof.


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  • During the dream sequence, Garfield and Jon have British accents.

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