Home Sweet Swindler is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


After a number of con jobs, Al Swindler tricks Jon into selling his house to him.


When Jon prepares to take a bath, he notices something unusual about the water. It turns out to be Garfield's attempt at making noodle soup. Jon chases after Garfield, who eventually takes Jon's towel in retaliation.

When the noodle soup is unable to be drained from the tub, Jon hires a plumber- Al Swindler. As a plumber, instead of actually fixing the tub, he goes outside (leaving behind a tape recording of someone hard at work) and tinkers with the doorbell.

Jon then pays Swindler for his work (whilst doing a motor boat impression), then finds himself locked out of the house. When he rings the doorbell, its sound is that of a rooster. Swindler returns as a handyman, who notes that he will be on the roof to fix the doorbell. There, he drills holes into the roof and places large ice cubes nearby.

After another payment (and motor boat impression), Jon goes back into the house. Garfield, Odie, and Jon then notice the roof leaking (which, unbeknownst to them, is due to the holes and melting ice cubes). Swindler appears yet again, this time as a roof repairman, who offers to fix the mysteriously leaking roof "for a price". This causes Jon to flip out and announce "For two cents, I'd sell this house!" Much to his surprise, Swindler takes up the offer and buys the house for himself, throwing everyone else out.

Garfield has an idea to turn things around- borrowing a cup of flour from a neighbor, he disguises himself as a ghost cat. He then sneaks into the house and starts usual ghost antics. He changes the channel, flips the lights on and off, and makes ghostly howling before appearing in front of Swindler, who is soon scared off. After some more spooking, Swindler finally begs Jon to buy back the house, and is even willing to return all the money he previously got from Jon as well.

With Swindler gone, Jon figures that they have seen the last of him. Swindler returns as a ghost catcher, offering his services once again to the Arbuckle household. The trio then race off from him. Swindler then states that it is hard to make a honest buck these days.

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  • The actor shown on the TV is identical to the one from "The Carnival Curse", albeit with a different voice.
  • This is the last episode to feature Al Swindler.

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