Home Away From Home is the season five premiere of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield runs away, and is nearly smothered by his new owner, who believes Garfield is her missing cat.


Jon gets a new organizer and finds that his entire daily schedule consists of feeding Garfield. Fed up with Garfield's gluttony, he tosses the cat out of the house and scolds him for not appreciating what his owner has to go through. Garfield then roams the streets looking for a new place to live until he is grabbed by an old lady who mistakes him for her lost cat, Fluffy. He tries to tell her he is not her cat until she mentions a dinner waiting for him back home, to which he plays along.

When they get home, to Garfield's disappointment, the only thing she serves him is cat food. He refuses to eat it. The old lady spots a mouse stealing her food and orders Garfield to get rid of it, even forcefully shoving him into the hole. Garfield talks to the mouse about how he does not want to live with her anymore and wants directions out of the house. The mouse mentions another cat and Garfield finds out that it is the real Fluffy. Fluffy went into hiding because he cannot stand the healthy food his owner feeds him. Garfield helps him get a real meal.

Garfield gets the mouse to appear in front of the old lady and she orders Garfield to get rid of it. Garfield refuses until she does what he tells her. She orders a pizza and he gets rid of the mouse. The mouse then goes back in and appears to scare the old lady again. Garfield is eating the pizza with Fluffy until the old lady shows up, causing Fluffy to hide. This time, Garfield wants Chinese food for the service. They get the food and this time, Garfield hides when the old lady comes to mention the mouse, and Fluffy asks for tacos. Fluffy is finally getting real food and Garfield says he will go home when the tacos arrive.


Main characters

Major characters

Minor characters

  • Jon
  • Odie
  • Pizza delivery guy
  • Chinese food delivery guy


  • When Garfield finds Fluffy, he asks, "Dr. Fluffystone I presume?", parodying the famous Henry Morton Stanley quote "Dr. Livingstone I presume?".

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