Hogcules II is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


When Orson is forced to clean up a mess Roy and Wade made, he fantasizes about being Hogcules.


Roy paints a giant "1" on the silo's door and pretends to be a game show host. He tricks Wade into opening the door, causing grain to spill all over the field. When Orson comes to see what happened, Roy and Wade blame each other for the mess. Since they refuse to work together to clean it up, Orson does all the work alone, while Booker and Sheldon keep a lookout for the farmer. Exhausted by the work, Orson imagines himself as Hogcules.

Hogcules arrives at emperor Booker's palace, where the base for the imperial fountain has been stolen by a two-headed giant, leaving the birds no place to bathe. The emperor orders Hogcules and Sheldon to get the base back.

The two-headed giant's heads bicker over what they were going to do as the fountain's base is used as a swimming pool; the Roy head wants to use it likewise, while the Wade head refuses to do so. Hogcules comes to attack the giant, only to find that his strength is no match for them. After learning about the Pythagorean theorem from Sheldon, Hogcules is inspired to challenge the giant to a discus throwing contest. He tosses a discus, claiming to be able to throw one farther than anyone else. The incited giant tosses the fountain base as their discus, with Hogcules and Sheldon riding it back to the palace, much to the befuddlement of the giant.

Back in reality, Orson gets an idea to make Roy and Wade clean up the mess. To one another, he tells Roy that he is puny compared to Wade and Wade that Roy is a much better worker than him. This causes the two of them to start shoveling the grain while still bickering over whose fault it was in the first place. Orson takes the opportunity to sit under a tree and read a book. He is not fazed when Booker and Sheldon tell him the farmer is approaching, noting that "two squareheads are more gullible than one".


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  • Farmer (mentioned)
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  • This is the second and last appearance of Orson's Herculean persona, Hogcules.
  • The Roy head of the two-headed giant indirectly mentions Phil Roman when asking "Had your fill, Roman?"

Cultural References

  • Roy's mock game show is called Let's Make a Squeal, a parody of Let's Make a Deal. The choice of doors is also derived from the show's gameplay.
  • Pythagoras' famed theorem is quoted by Sheldon.

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