Hogcules is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


After hearing about his brothers paying a visit, Orson imagines himself as a Hercules-like hero.


While Wade is rebuilding a shed that had been nearly destroyed (following a windstorm the previous night), Orson walks off to read the myth Hercules to Booker and Sheldon. Roy then informs Orson that he saw his brothers coming up the hill, to which Orson becomes frightened. Everyone then suggests that he would not be so frightened if he were strong like Hercules.

Orson has a fantasy where he is a Hercules-like warrior named Hogcules who is battling his warrior brothers. After the fantasy concludes, Orson decides that he is going to stand up to his brothers; Wade warns him to stay away from the shed because he is not finished fixing it. Orson goes into the shed anyway when his brothers approach him, and they laugh at the idea that Orson could overpower them.

Orson causes the shed to topple onto his brothers; then they run away. The gang walks up, and Orson concludes that muscles are not necessary if one has a big brain. Wade then gives him his hammer and board to rebuild the shed himself, and Orson comments that muscles can sometimes come in handy.





  • During the fantasy, when Sheldon proclaims, “Hogcules is our hero! Yay!”, closed-captioning miscredits the line to Wade.
  • Orson’s bag of nails appears out of nowhere.


  • Orson: [Reading] So, Hercules, the strongest man in the world, set off in the swamp to battle the dreaded hydra.
  • Sheldon: What’s a hydra?
  • Booker: I think firemen hook their hoses to it to pump water.

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