Hog Noon is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson tries to prepare himself for a visit from a school bully.


Orson and Wade are walking around the farm when Roy appears with a mail call. Orson gets one letter while Wade gets a bunch of letters addressed to "Occupant". Orson becomes worried after reading his letter from Hammerhead Hog, a bully from school he used to deal with. Having wound up in detention for stealing Orson's quarters for lunch, Hammerhead intends to arrive at the farm to "settle things". When Orson asks for advice on what to do, Wade suggests panicking, while Roy decides to make a trick. Orson ultimately decides to consult his library, finding help with "Tales of Old Dodge City".

Orson then imagines himself as a marshal of the O.K. Barnyard, with Roy as a troubadour, Wade as a deputy, and Hammerhead Hog as a wanted criminal. Wade informs Orson that Hammerhead has busted out of jail and will arrive at high noon. Orson decides to confront Hammerhead, despite Wade's advice to run away.

When Orson finally encounters Hammerhead, they draw their weapons. Orson, being the faster of the two, throws a lemon custard pie at Hammerhead, bringing him down. Orson then walks away "unscathed and unflustered".

Back in reality, Roy informs Orson that he has a trick ready to deal with Hammerhead- a booby trap involving fifty pounds of creamed corn. Orson, however, insists on dealing with his former bully face to face. When Hammerhead arrives, Orson- half brave and half nervous- goes forth to talk to him. Hammerhead proceeds to payback- by giving Orson back all the lunch money from school, thus clearing Hammerhead's consciousness.

Hammerhead then leaves, vowing to return sometime soon. When asked how he handled the situation, Orson states that he "stood up to him, and it all worked out". He then walks into Roy's trap, which hits him with the creamed corn.


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Cultural References

  • The title of the episode is a spoof of High Noon.
  • The O.K. Barnyard parodies the O.K. Corral, a building from Tombstone, Arizona, which is associated with (but not the actual location of) a famous 1881 gunfight.


  • In the scene where Orson is meeting Hammerhead just before the payback, Orson's eyes seem having white irises he normally does not have.


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