Herman Post is Jon Arbuckle's mailman.

Garfield constantly torments him by ripping off his pants and leaving him shredded and scratched, and he perpetually tries to find a way to deliver the mail safely, but rarely succeeds. He is the mailman for Jon's neighborhood because no one else will put up with Garfield's tricks. In The Garfield Show, he takes advantage of this predicament by taking a two week vacation every year, getting a raise when returning early.

Herman Post with Stu

Herman with Stu

Physical Appearance

Herman wears a blue hat and outfit. He also has oversized cheeks and brown/yellow/white/gray hair (Including facial hair)


Herman is dedicated to his job as a mailman but Garfield's constant attacks have often taken a physical and mental toll on his well-being.


  • He succeeds in delivering the mail safely by folding the mail into paper airplanes and throwing them at the house, to which Garfield replied, "NO FAIR!".
  • Possibly non-canon, the mailman succeeded in a splash screen, which had him in a gi and a black belt and Garfield in a defeated position.
  • He succeeded by wearing a suit of armor.
  • He brought his assistant Waldo, who then jumped on Garfield.
  • He brought Fido, a snake.
  • Garfield tries to steal Herman's letters as the Caped Avenger (one of his alternate forms) on March 30, 1979 and fails.
  • He succeeded by bringing in his big dog against Garfield.
  • He once dumped the mail in the mailbox, but while running away, he ran out onto the street and got hit by a car.
  • In "The Mysterious Machine", he got a big tank which allowed him to deliver the mail safely, but later got rid of it as he thought Garfield's machine would rip the top off and throw him in the mud.
  • In the story segment "Surprise Package" from the Garfield's Scary Tales storybook he announces his retirement to Garfield and gives him a package as a peace offering which contains a giant ugly spider the size of a basketball. After Garfield inexplicably squishes the arachnid when he passes out from fright, Herman is last seen leaving the area in an ominous silhouette.


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  • In Garfield and Friends, Herman's hair and mustache are light brown. In The Garfield Show, they are yellow. In the comic strip and other media, his hair and mustache are shown to be either white or gray.
  • In the The Garfield Show episode, Delicious Donut Day, Herman reveals that he shares a birthday with Jon Arbuckle.


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