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Herbert Finagle is a greedy and bothersome salesman. He tries to trick Garfield into buying one of his new products.


Finagle first appears in a TV commercial promoting the new Laser-Powered Elephant Repeller. Garfield picks up the phone, but remembers what Jon threatened to do if he bought one more useless thing. Garfield decides to buy the product anyway since the first 20 callers get their product absolutely free.

Finagle arrives in his fancy convertible and is about to give Garfield his free Elephant Repeller, when he realizes that Garfield owes him $28. Garfield slams the door in his face, refusing to pay such a hefty price, and goes back to watching the TV. However, Finagle climbs through the window, and Garfield throws him out the door. But, try as he might, Finagle will not stop bothering him.

Garfield barricades the door and decides to hide under the bed, only to realize that Finagle is hiding under there too. He hides in the basement but Finagle is hiding in there too, and Garfield gives up and offers to buy the product. Jon comes back home as Finagle tells him that he will offer them a thousand dollar money-back guarantee if the repeller doesn't keep elephants away.

Finagle is just about to leave when he hears an elephant's trumpet. He realizes to his horror that three elephants have showed up, and he falls to the floor sobbing.


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Season 1


  • His surname, Finagle, means to obtain something by devious or dishonest means.