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Heatwave Holiday is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


To deal with a heatwave, Garfield, Jon and Odie think cool by decorating their house as if it were Christmastime.


Garfield is suffering from a heatwave in the middle of July and needs to find a way to keep cool. He tries swimming in a swimming pool, only for the water to evaporate before he can get in. He then gets inspired when he sees the fridge. He takes it outside and sets the freezer to maximum power.

Jon goes to the kitchen to get a drink to quench his thirst, eventually noticing that the fridge is gone. He looks outside and sees Garfield and Odie playing in snow in spite of the summer weather, and realizes that they are trying to keep cool in a creative way. Garfield shows him the Christmas decorations, suggesting that they decorate the house like they do during the holidays, and this works. When other people notice Jon's house decorated, they assume it is time to put up Christmas decorations. Soon the whole town is prepared for Christmas.

While they drive to the store to restock the fridge from Garfield's idea, they notice the whole town has decorated for Christmas. They have a Christmas morning with presents; before they can continue the festivities, a newscaster announces the misunderstanding of the whole situation, stating that it is July (or August, according to the city council).

That night, a sleeping Garfield hears someone coming into the house. He finds Santa Claus and informs him that it is not Christmas. Going back to bed, Garfield notes the surprise that Santa would be among those confused over when Christmas would occur.


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Cultural references

  • This episode is a take on the popular phenomenon known as Christmas in July.

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