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Not to be confused with Heather St. Clair from Model Behavior, Heather Wilson from The Garfield Show or Heather Kerr, the actress.

Heather is a character in the Garfield and Friends episode, The Black Book.

Physical Appearance

Heather has red, curly hair that covers her eyes, and pink lipstick. In one scene she is wearing a strapless pink robe (having just gotten out of the shower).


Heather is shown to be a beautiful and kind woman. She expects the guys who go out with her to be the same way.


In The Black Book, Heather is supposed to go out with Jon for a dinner date, but then she has to cancel it - unknowingly to Jon at first (he was in the shower) it was because her brother came to town and he wanted to take her out to dinner. So she left a message on his answering machine, explaining her reason. Later she then comes to Jon's house, wanting her brother to meet him. But then after seeing Jon tackling Garfield (unknown to her Jon had given Garfield his little black book earlier, telling Garfield to hide it, but then he wanted it back, but Garfield wouldn't give it to him since Jon made Garfield promise to not give it to him no matter how much he begged), she decides he's not the person she thought he was. She then returns again and after seeing Jon with Garfield in his arms and smiling, she decides that she was wrong, and that Garfield does love him. She then tells him to call her so that they could make plans for the next night.


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