Hare Replacement is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


When Jon loses his rabbit for his magic act, he uses Garfield as a substitute.


Garfield and Odie are having lasagna for dinner and when Garfield finishes his, he makes Odie look the other way so he can eat his share. Jon comes by and announces that he is a magician known as the Amazing Arbuckle. He has everything ready and lets his rabbit out of his hat to get some air before the show.

The rabbit detests having to put up with the hat trick because he has to get crammed into it and other kinds of hats and be pulled out by the ears. He hops out of the house, no longer wanting to put up with it. After Jon notices the rabbit's absence, he gets the idea of using a reluctant Garfield as a substitute.

Garfield is forced to wear a rabbit costume, which Odie finds amusing. Jon attempts to stuff Garfield in there while Odie runs off to find the real rabbit. As soon as Jon gets Garfield in, they leave for the show. Garfield cuts a hole in the top of the hat and escapes.

At the magic show, Jon's performance is not going so well as the audience is minuscule and bored. Jon announces he will perform his last trick (which is met with applause that is threatened with six more tricks). He does not know Garfield escaped, and thus has no luck in pulling Garfield out of the hat. Meanwhile, Odie searches the park for the rabbit and manages to find him. The rabbit tries to sleep out in the wild, unable to get comfortable as he secretly misses sleeping in a hat. Odie takes him back to Jon's house.

When Jon returns home, Garfield gets into position for his final attempt and makes it work. To make it up for putting Garfield through something like that, he orders food from all sorts of take-out places, which Garfield initially refuses to share with Odie. When Odie returns with the rabbit, Garfield apologizes to Odie and allows him to join him in the meal.

When they get their food, Garfield tricks Odie into looking the other way again into eating the pizza. The rabbit manages to do the same to Garfield, a trick that no magician could teach.


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