Happy Garfield Day is the third segment from the one hundred and thirteenth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield's birthday is coming, and he keeps giving Jon reminders about it.


At the Arbuckle residence, Jon is relaxing while assuming it to be Thursday, meaning he can rest. Garfield soon reveals it is actually Friday, making Jon panic because of his schedule. He quickly rushes out the house. Afterward Garfield reveals to Odie his birthday is next week. He plans to make sure Jon does not forget.

Jon returns home later that day. Although the house is empty, there is a canvas telling him there are six days until Garfield's birthday. The next day, while watering the plants, an airplane skywrites that Garfield's birthday is five days away. The next day, he finds a billboard stating four days, before crashing into a fire hydrant. The day afterward, he gets a singing telegram stating three days more.

The next day, a news anchor announces that there are two days until Garfield's birthday, prompting Jon to drive to the airport where he goes to Mexico. When he arrives, a Mexican man tells him in Spanish that there is one more day to Garfield's birthday. Jon reveals he has given up, and Garfield can have anything he wants, much to his cat's joy.

Afterward, Garfield sings a song with a choir about what Jon must cook for his birthday before Jon gets a message; a reminder for Garfield's birthday the next year.


Main Characters

Minor Characters



  • Orson, Roy, Wade, and Sheldon make cameos in this episode.

Cultural References

  • The 12 Courses of Dinner is a parody of The 12 Days of Christmas.


  • In the titlecard, the "Garfield in" logo is missing.

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