Gwendolyn was a female cat Garfield was to date in The Idol of Id. Due to unexpected circumstances, the romance ended quite quickly.

Physical Appearance

Gwendolyn has ruffled, completely white fur, tripled eyelashes, Melanie sclerae and wears both light red lipstick and green eye shadow. Her appearance is almost identical to that of Lola.


Gwendolyn states that she likes men with a developed personal culture, expecting them to have good manners, as well as expecting a gift for the first date. The much-expected date with Garfield let her down, as she did not know that Odie was in Garfield's body, thus their meet up went badly.

Apparently Gwendolyn's relationship with Brick did not go well either, and she decided to end it.


Garfield and Friends

Season 4

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