This article is about the cat. For the mysterious creature, see Guido (creature).

Guido is a cat whom Garfield met in the pound in January of 1981. Guido eventually helped Garfield escape. Guido had an associate named Fluffy. He was short-tempered, as shown when he tells Garfield that he's killed for less then someone saying, "Guido and Fluffy" after Garfield said so.

Guido 1981

Garfield complained that he didn't want to be in a jail for cats, with Guido telling him that the jail also includes dogs (Fluffy responds by barking like a dog, with Guido telling him to shut up). When Garfield asked Guido what happens if Jon doesn't pick him up, Guido responded, "Well then it's curtains for you" to which Garfield misinterpreted as being able to scratch on actual curtains, frustrating Guido. Guido then ordered Fluffy to help break Garfield out of jail, which Fluffy did by using Garfield himself as a battering ram to break through the prison wall, leaving Garfield free to return back to Jon. Guido and Garfield bid farewell to each other.


  • Near the end of another run away from home story (in 1986), Garfield and Odie are taken in to a pet store, where they meet another cat who has an extremely similar role to Guido. This cat talks to them about the pet store they're in.
  • In Here Comes Garfield, Garfield meets a cat named Fast Eddy, who has a similar role to Guido. Fast Eddy's associate, a dog, is also named Fluffy.


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