Guaranteed Trouble is the first segment from the seventieth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Jon buys a new television set from Madman Murray, unaware that the set is actually unreliable.


Jon Arbuckle and his pets hold a traditional funeral for their now broken television set, much to their sorrow. While on their way back home, they see a commercial for Madman Murray, an insane dealer claiming to sell cheap television sets. They enter his shop, where Madman recommends a Takashimada television set, which Garfield takes a liking to. Madman reveals its three year warranty and its extreme price to Arbuckle who, despite his shock, purchases the television.

Back home, they test out the set, and first find that its picture is upside down. When changing to Binky the Clown, the sound is unavaliable. When Garfield kicks the television to get it working, it starts smoking and ultimately explodes. Jon takes it back to Madman to use the three year warranty, though the latter disregards it due to the extremely small fine print. The print is so small that it they use observatory telescope to read it. The reasons provided make the warranty completely invalid.

Going into the nearby museum, Garfield decides to scare Murray. He covers himself in mud, and takes out the teeth of a Saber Tooth Tiger, planning to act as the latter. Garfield appears to Murray, who runs up a tree to hide. Jon agrees to "help" Murray in exchange for the television set being repaired. Madman reveals that he can't personally fix it, but if the TV is taken back to its factory, the employees will repair it. They find out from the television that the Takashimada factory is located in Tokyo, Japan. Jon, determined, decides to travel to Japan to have their television set fixed.

After catching a cheap flight to Tokyo (in the cargo hold), they arrive at the factory to find an exorbitant line of customers who received the same treatment from Murray. When they reach the front of the line, The employee claims he isn't able to fix the set until Garfield, dressed up as a ninja, scares the employee into doing so. They return home, and when turning on the television, they find that the television has been set to Japanese. Rather than try anything further, they resort to eating teriyaki chicken while learning Japanese.


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