Gross Encounters is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


The wolf tricks Booker, Sheldon, Roy and Wade into thinking aliens are invading.


Orson is reading a book about a UFO invading the countryside while explaining the three kinds of close encounters and how they connect. Soon, it's his turn to guard his chickens from the wolf and puts Roy in charge of the story; Booker and Sheldon leave upon knowing this. Roy makes up all sorts of close encounters of different kinds to Wade. The wolf overhears this and gets an idea.

Booker and Sheldon are debating on the existence of UFO's and Booker sees what looks like one, but Sheldon dismisses it as a shooting star. The wolf appears dressed as a scientist and gives them made-up advice on how to stop the UFO. As they run off, the wolf goes to Roy and Wade, the former telling the latter more close encounters of numbered kinds. The wolf comes to give them some other made-up advice to fend off the UFO, a plan Roy wishes he thought of.

As Orson guards the chicken coop, he notices Wade carrying a trash can, Booker carrying aluminum foil, and Roy carrying cans. He doesn't know what they're up to, but he knows it'll lead to trouble. It turns out that the chicks, Roy and Wade are gonna disguise themselves as aliens and claim they were on the planet first. They encounter each other and Sheldon and Roy confront which of them is superior while Booker and Wade go to warn Orson. Orson decides to check it out and leaves his post, giving the wolf the opportunity he was waiting for.

Orson pulls Roy and Sheldon's costumes off with a magnet and they explain that the scientist told them to do it and that he looked like the wolf. They hurry back to the coop where the wolf has gotten the chickens. Two aliens appear in front of him and he thinks it's just the animals trying to stop him. One of the aliens freezes him in a block of ice and the chickens escape. The animals can't figure out how the wolf froze over while the aliens leave for Clarion.


Main characters

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Minor characters

  • Chickens
  • Aliens


  • All of the different made-up close encounters of different numbered kinds are as follows:
    • Fourth Kind: The UFO invites you out for Chinese food
    • Fifth Kind: The UFO does an impression of Sylvester Stallone
    • Nineteenth Kind: The UFO challenges you to arm wrestling
    • Twenty-Seventh Kind: Unknown
    • Seventy-First Kind: The UFO makes cheese sandwiches for everyone in the neighborhood
    • Sixth-Third/Fifth Kind: The UFO rotates the hubcaps on your car
    • Sixth-Third/Fifth Kind: The UFO forgets which laundromat it took your shirts to
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