Green Thumbs Down is the third segment from the twelfth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Due to high grocery bills, Jon decides to grow food in his backyard.


A delivery boy arrives at the Arbuckle house with groceries. After Jon hears the doorbell, he answers the door, sees the groceries, and checks the bill. Upon finding the total price, he screams, then gives the money and takes the groceries.

Jon walks to the kitchen, angered with the prices on the bill. On the way, he trips over Garfield (who is in the mood for lunch), causing him to drop the groceries. Jon finds the groceries to be too expensive, which is mostly due to the amount needed to satisfy Garfield. He reminisces about how food was grown during his life on the farm, prompting him to do the same at home.

Jon prepares to start a garden in his backyard. He has the necessary tools and supplies, including a variety of seeds. Jon makes an uninterested Garfield help him with the garden ("If you don't work, you don't eat"). Garfield does so with shortcuts, such as watering the garden while watching television and getting Odie to plow the yard. After a while, the garden is finished. Jon notes that all they need are a few weeks of sunshine. Dark clouds then appear, blocking off the sunshine.

Each morning, the trio check on the garden. Weeks later, nothing has grown. Jon buys expensive garden seedlings for better chances at success. When the threat of animals eager to eat the contents of the garden becomes clear, Garfield and Odie are then put in charge of keeping away animals interested in the new vegetables. Garfield arranges their duties so that Odie goes on guard whilst he naps.

Garfield and Odie eventually notice a gopher invading the garden from underground. Garfield plans to flush out the gopher with the garden hose, which ends up flooding the garden just before Jon returns. Jon turns off the hose and starts berating his pets for ruining the garden. When he notices the gopher leaving, he apologizes for the misunderstanding. Odie then directs the others to all the garden has produced: a head of lettuce and radishes.

Later that night, as everyone prepares to have dinner, Jon calculates the cost of the lettuce at $200 per leaf. Garfield takes a bite of his lettuce leaf, dismayed at the results of Jon's attempt at gardening. He then tells Odie to give him a $300 radish.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Delivery Boy
  • Animals
  • Gopher


  • The van at beginning of the episode is from "Roman Food Mart", an allusion to Phil Roman and Film Roman.


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