• [The episode begins with a view of the Arbuckle residence. The scene skips over to Jon Arbuckle getting ready for his date, humming and standing in front of the mirror in his shorts and bunny slippers.]
  • Jon Arbuckle: Huh. That's my last decent pair of shorts. Where's my voice recorder? [Jon brightens up, goes over to his dresser and gets his tape recorder lying next to a sleeping Garfield. He picks it up and records.] Ahem. Don't forget to buy new underwear.
  • Garfield: Never mind new underwear. Don't forget to feed your beloved cat.
  • Jon Arbuckle: Oh Garfield. I'm taking Liz out for the evening. [Garfield turns his head and opens his eyes looking at Jon still in his boxers and bunny slippers.]
  • Garfield: In that case, don't forget to put on pants.
  • [Garfield and Jon go downstairs.]
  • Jon Arbuckle: I don't have time to make you dinner, so I'll order something delivered for you. What would you like? [Garfield runs upstairs and runs back down with a bunch of takeout menus.] This is like a dozen different takeout menus!
  • Garfield: I'd like beef tostadas from the Mexican place, Moo Goo Gai Pan and ribs from the Chinese place, pastrami on rye with potato salad...
  • Jon Arbuckle: You may have ONE meal from one place.
  • Garfield: WHA?! [Garfield goes in shock and falls down the stairs.] He's trying to starve me! I can't make it! I can't... [Garfield crawls over to Jon, moaning.]
  • Jon Arbuckle: One meal from one restaurant. That's all I can afford. Now make your selection. [Jon walks off.]
  • Garfield: You're a cruel man, Jon Arbuckle.
  • [Cut to a view of the Arbuckle residence.]
  • Vito Cappelletti: Vito's Pizzeria. Vito speaking.
  • [Garfield jumps on the table, laughs and records Jon's conversation with the tape recorder.]
  • Jon Arbuckle: Hi Vito, this is Jon Arbuckle. Would you please send over one pepperoni pizza and charge it to my credit card?
  • Vito Cappelletti: Right away, Signore Arbuckle.
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