Great Pizza Race is the twenty eighthUS/thirty ninthEU episode from the second season of The Garfield Show, and the eightiethUS/ninety firstEU overall.


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Garfield manages to keep getting free pizza by taking advantage of an offer from Vito's Pizzeria.


Jon in getting ready for a date with Liz in the evening then notices he is out of clean shorts. He takes his tape recorder and records a reminder of him needing to buy new underwear. Jon tells Garfield about his date and since he won't be able to cook dinner he will have to order some food. He asks Garfield what he would like and soon Garfield arrives with a dozen different takeout menus demanding a ton of food from all of them. But Jon tells Garfield that he can only have one meal from one restaurant. Garfield is shock by this because he claims he won't make it with just one meal but Jon says he can only afford one meal.

While Odie is watching TV Garfield spots a commercial for Vito's Pizzeria saying that they deliver pizza fast and if the pizza has not arrived in 20 minutes it's free. Garfield then gets an idea, he tells Jon that he would like a pepperoni pizza from Vito's. Just as Jon is making the order Garfield uses Jon's tape recorder to to record Jon's voice. Just as Jon leaves for his date he wonders if Liz will eat at Vito's with him. Vito makes the deliver but gets caught in Garfield's glue trap causing him to be late and deliver the pizza for free. After Garfield eats the whole pizza by himself he redials Vito's and play Jon's order over the phone.

Garfield then makes Vito late again by getting him chased by chihuahuas. Garfield then orders another pizza but accidently plays the reminder of Jon needing to buy new underwear. He then plays the pizza order and Vito makes the delivery. This time Garfield puts up a bunch of one way detour signs that gets Vito stuck in traffic making him late and deliver another free pizza to Garfield. Garfield continues to make the pizza order and makes Vito late to get the pizza for free. Which includes taking his tires off his van, getting Vito in trouble with the police, and ejecting him with the welcome mat.

When Vito gets back to the restaurant Jon asks for more breadsticks while Vito sighs as he has faced with so much bad luck. Then Vito gets the recording of Jon's order. Jon reminds Vito of his and Liz's breadsticks which Vito will get after the delivery. As he is making the pizza, Vito then wonders how Jon could order a pizza from his house when he is at the restaurant in person. This causes Vito to realize that he had been tricked by Garfield. Meanwhile at home Garfield continues to make the order while surrounded by empty pizza boxes. He then thinks of editing the recording to order a sausage and mushroom pizza since he is getting tired of pepperoni. Garfield then answers the door for the free pizza but it is delivered by Jon instead. He and Vito show angry looks, with Garfield looking at them nervously.

Later, Garfield and Odie are at Vito's washing dishes, Garfield becomes tired and asks how long they have to do this. Vito then plays a recording of Jon on the tape recorder telling Garfield that he and Odie can not come home until they earn enough money to pay Vito for all the pizzas Garfield tricked him out of. Garfield and Odie continue washing dishes with Garfield lamenting that he should have ordered Chinese food as Vito continuously plays the recording.


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  • The plot of the episode is similar to "The Pizza Patrol".
  • The idea for the episode may have come from the January 11, 1999 strip.

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