Grape Expectations Part 2 is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


Roy is taken to court after the Rooster Council accuses him of being a bad rooster.


As Roy is being apprehended from the farm, he bids a hearty farewell to his barnyard friends (and the entire population of New York City individually). With the Big Cock a-Doodle's patience being tried, he cuts Roy's farewell off and takes him back to the homeland of chickens: Chickenopolis.

Since Bo was absent in the previous chapter, his friends explain what has happened. Although Wade confesses to eating the grape that caused Roy to go to the market, Orson recalls there was still one grape missing from the inventory. Booker admits that this was all his fault because he ate a grape when Orson told him to watch the harvest while he was getting Roy for duty, stating that Orson did not tell him not to eat any of the fruit. With that in mind, Orson believes he is the one at fault for the grape. They all try to hurry to Chickenopolis by horse and buggy before Roy is punished.

At Chickenopolis, the Big Cock a-Doodle has put Roy on trial, explaining that he has been shirking his responsibilities as a rooster due to failure to wake up at the crack of dawn to wake up the rest of the farm and to watch over the harvest. Instead, all Roy does is play practical jokes on the other animals. When he is about to announce Roy as guilty, the others arrive in time to stop the trial and declare Roy's innocence. Orson confesses that he was at fault for the missing grape because Roy was not on duty yet. Booker comes in and confesses that he was the one at fault for eating the grape that was left uncounted, declaring that he was scared of what would happen if he told them before. The Big Cock a-Doodle is impressed with Booker for standing up and telling the truth and believes he will make a fine rooster when he grows up. All charges against Roy are thus dismissed.

Before they head back to the farm, the Big Cock a-Doodle tells Roy that if he does not live up to his duties more often, Booker will be ready to replace him. Booker attempts crowing, which shows he needs to practice a little. As they head home, Wade suggests they pick up some grapes on the way back, much to Orson's chagrin.



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