Grape Expectations Part 1 is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


Booker eats a grape from the fruit harvest. The Big Cock a-Doodle, who accuses Roy of the missing grape, deems him a bad rooster.


Orson is counting all of the fruit in the barn. After he has finished, he notices that Roy is not around to guard it. He tells Booker to look after it until Roy comes. After Orson leaves, Booker plucks a grape from the harvest and eats it.

Orson knocks on Roy's door and wakes him up and tells him that the leader of all roosters, The Big Cock a-Doodle, will be visiting the farm to check on him. Upon hearing this news, Roy immediately and docilely heads over to the barn to watch the fruit, and should there be so much as a single grape gone, he will be reported for his failure. At that moment, Wade walks in and eats a grape as well. This alarms Roy because now he will be in trouble with the Big Cock a-Doodle over the grape. He looks in the vineyard and, upon finding no more grapes, rushes over to the supermarket to get one. He picks one grape out from the produce section, then gets held up in a long line at checkout.

Meanwhile, Wade is watching over the fruit in Roy's stead and Orson asks where Roy is. At that moment, the Big Cock a-Doodle's limo pulls in and demands to know Roy's whereabouts while the others stall him until Roy returns. The Big Cock a-Doodle, at that time, orders Orson to recount the grapes in the barn.

After being held up by many costumers, such as one that wanted to pay in coins (and in one case, a subway token), Roy finally gets his turn and pays for the grape. He manages to get back to the barn and place the grape along with the others without anyone noticing it as if it were always there. As soon as Orson finishes counting, he declares that there is one grape missing from the harvest (the one Booker ate). Roy is flabbergasted to hear this. The Big Cock a-Doodle decrees that Roy needs to be properly punished.


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  • This is the only U.S Acres episode to feature any humans besides Binky the Clown.

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