Grandma Arbuckle is Jon Arbuckle and Doc Boy Arbuckle's paternal grandmother, being the mother of Dad Arbuckle. Based off of Jim Davis's own grandma, she loves Jon, Garfield, and Odie, as well as the rest of her family. Much like Garfield, despite her few sarcastic remarks, she is still a loving and caring person. She occasionally makes appearances throughout the series. The most is revealed about her in A Garfield Christmas special, where it is revealed that her husband has died and she talks about her life with him. Grandma rarely appears in the comic strip (perhaps only 5 times) but played a main role in the Thanksgiving and Christmas specials.

Jon's grandmother was originally introduced to the comic strip in January 25, 1982. She was depicted as an elderly woman, wearing a plain dark dress and her hair was in a tight bun, not unlike Reba. Jon's grandma was reintroduced to the comic strip December 25, 1993, this time she was wearing a pink and green sweatsuit and driving a motorcycle.

Her comic strip appearance also carried to her animated appearances were she was depicted as an energetic elderly lady in a sweater and jeans, and she sometimes is also seen riding a motorcycle.


TV Specials


  • According to creator Jim Davis, while the rest of Jon's family is based on his own, Grandma is fictional, in regards to the Christmas special, "...because I wanted to bring back some of the nostalgia of Christmas."[1]



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