Grabbiy is an episode of the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Roy plays a prank on Wade, who wonders what would happen if the Law of Gravity (or "Grabbity", as Roy pronounces it) were to be repealed.


Orson is reading a space novel to the chicks. Booker asks why the character in the story is floating along the planet he landed on. When Orson is about to explain the effects of gravity, Roy interrupts and tries to explain it, while mispronouncing it as "Grabbity", in the form of a song.

Throughout the song, as the law of gravity is explained, Wade begins to worry about the possibility of the law being repealed. Orson tries in vain to assure him, while Roy is inspired to pull a prank on him. Wade resorts to anchoring himself to the ground like a mountain climber to prevent himself from drifting off into space. Meanwhile, Booker is getting ready to fly a kite. The worm ties the ribbon to his leg and he takes off with it, crying for help.

Roy then sets up his prank by pretending to be a news anchor on an old television set. As Wade passes by, Roy, pretending to be a news anchor, states that the law of gravity was repealed, among other pun-induced laws, causing Wade to run away with the "bad news". As Roy laughs at Wade, Orson catches him and tells him what the world be like without gravity. This causes Roy to imagine such a world that makes him start to panic like Wade. He and Wade fight over an anchor, which is among the object Wade is carrying in response to Roy's "newscast".

Roy soon realizes that he made up everything about the law being repealed. When he prepares to confront Orson for his explanation, he sees Booker, still hanging by his kite, upside, prompting him to run off in terror as Sheldon wonders what is wrong with Roy. After Orson makes a pun about Roy's predicament, he is covered by a bunch of apples falling from a tree.


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