Gort Goes Good is the second segment from the thirtieth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Gort pretends to be on the gang's side as he tries to get the key to the silo full of apples.


After a large honey and apple crop at the farm, Orson thinks he hears Roy tell him that his brothers are there. Orson naturally gets afraid and hides. Roy then clarifies that Orson’s brother is there: Gort. Gort tells Orson that he has changed his evil ways and that he wants to move in at the farm.

Gort then informs Orson that Wart and Mort are planning to steal the apple crop. When Wart and Mort arrive (camouflaged by barrels), Gort leads Orson in disposing of them by rolling them away. Orson then agrees to let Gort stay, much to Wade’s chagrin who tells Orson that Gort cannot be trusted regardless.

After Gort attempts to do odd jobs around the farm, Orson then puts him in charge of guarding the barn where the apples are. Immediately after Orson gives him the key to the barn door, Wart and Mort tie the gang up, and then all three of them try to open the barn door. The key does not work; when his brothers threaten him, Orson says the key is in a nearby tub of honey. After they search through the tub, a bear comes out of a cave and smells the honey; it then runs over to Orson’s brothers and then chases them away.

Bo then slips out of the ropes and then lets everyone loose; then he asks Orson where the real key is, and Orson says that the key is lost and that the door was unlocked. Wade tells him that his brother did not change, and Orson admits it, then says that a leopard can change its spots. After hearing the word "leopard", Wade gets scared and tries to hide. He opens the door and lets all the apples fall on the gang. Orson follows up that there are some folks who never change.


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  • The length of the title card in this episode is shortened.
  • There are hints in the episode that Gort has not truly changed. When Orson and Gort are about to get rid of Wart and Mort, the two brothers feign shock and pretend to be scared, indicating it is all a set up.


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