Good Mousekeeping is the third segment from the fifth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Upon discovering Garfield's lack of interest in eating them, a group of mice take residence in the Arbuckle house.


Garfield is awoken by his alarm clock, prompting him to check his schedule. Finding sleeping in the current slot, he goes back to bed, noting the importance of having a schedule. Meanwhile, Jon, preparing one of his recipes, asks Odie to close the refrigerator door. Before he can do so, a piece of cheese somehow gains legs and walks away. Garfield notices it and goes to investigate it; upon taking the cheese, he uncovers a mouse.

When the mouse sees Garfield, he begs for mercy, while Garfield eats the cheese and wonders why he would eat a mouse. The perplexed mouse shows Garfield a clip of a cartoon featuring a cat unsuccessfully chasing after a mouse to demonstrate that cats eats mice. Upon realizing that Garfield is an exception, the mouse informs his friends of the situation and brings them to the Arbuckle house.

It is there that the mice take food (including the refrigerator) Jon takes notice and gets a reluctant Garfield to take care of them. Garfield's attempts include catching a mouse, using a vacuum, and disguising himself as a mouse to lure the mice outside. With none of the attempts working, Garfield soon gives up.

A disappointed Jon sarcastically suggests giving the mice pizza, since they have eaten everything in the house except his recipe (Avacado Stew with French Dressing). Garfield then gets an idea: to feed the mice Jon's recipe, which sends them away after they become disgusted with the recipe's bad taste. Jon commends Garfield for getting rid of the mice and, after recalling that the mice got the rest of the food, notes that he still has his recipe. Garfield and Odie dress up as mice and try joining the mice in the alley, claiming they're "eating better".


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Cartoon Mouse
  • Cartoon Cat


  • This episode marks Floyd's first appearance, although he is unnamed.
  • The title of this episode is a spoof of the magazine Good Housekeeping.
  • The cartoon shown on television spoofs Tom and Jerry.


  • When Garfield catches the mouse with the pie, the mouse's nose changes color for a while.

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