Glenda and Odessa is the twenty-sixthUS/EU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Drusilla and Minerva visit Jon's house, much to the chagrin of Garfield and Odie. Meanwhile, a trio of other animals steal barbecued ribs from an old man.


Jon arrives home, while Garfield sleeps. Garfield states that he does not care who comes into the house, he is even okay with Nermal, as annoying as he is. When Dursilla and Minerva come to chase him, he jumps up on the ceiling, saying "Anyone but Dursilla and Minerva". After that, Dursilla and Minerva give up chasing Garfield and chase Odie instead.

Both of them manage to escape to the park, where Garfield says he knows a neighbor that is Barbecueing ribs. Meanwhile, the neighbor leaves, and Rottweiler, Hercules, and Harry steal the ribs. They walk away, leaving a bone on the floor, where Odie finds is and grasps it. The neighbor assumes that Garfield and Odie stole the ribs, and then he calls the animal control.

In the city, Garfield is caught, but Odie saves him. They escape to the park and use a beehive to attack Al. Then they go back inside, where they get dressed up by Dursilla and Minerva, which was Garfield's plan. They escape the house and then trick Al. They keep going to ther park, where they meet Nermal.

They then went to the railway, where they find the antagonists. Their disguises are undoed, and in the nick of time, Al captures Rottweiler, Harry, and Hercules.

Then Garfield and Odie (dressed as Glenda and Odessa) found Nermal again. Nermal wanted a kiss, so Garfield told Nermal to Close his eyes. Which the kiss was actually Odie´s saliva. At the end of the episode, Nermal said that Glenda was almost as fat as Garfield.


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  • This is the first time Al was seen without Pete.
  • The orange plants from the park strongly resemble Garfield's tail.

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