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Garzooka (voiced by Frank Welker) is the leader of the superhero team Pet Force. His powers are gamma-radiated hairballs, superhuman strength, and razor-sharp claws in his right hand that can rend solid steel. While the original Garzooka was heroic and a born leader, the Garzooka created from Garfield is lazy and gluttonous, though he still focuses on the task at hand.


DTV Movies


  • The Outrageous Origin
  • Pie-Rat's Revenge
  • K-Niner: Dog of Doom
  • Menace of the Mutanator
  • Attack of the Lethal Lizards


  • Pet Force No More!
  • The Creature Stalks!
  • Pet Force Vs. The Fearsome Four!
  • The Contractor of Doom!
  • Cat-Astrophe In The Cosmos!
  • The Fearsome Four Strike Back!
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