Garfield at 25.

Garfield at 25: In Dog Years I'd be Dead

Garfield at 25: In Dog Years I'd be Dead is a book by Jim Davis. It was published in 2002 to celebrate Garfield's 25th birthday. It was edited by Mark Acey and Scott Nickel.


Garfield 25 Birthday Celebration: One Continuous Celebration!

Foreword: Dave Barry (humorist)

1. Birth of a Fat Furry Legend: This chapter is about how Jim Davis started the Garfield comic strip, and showcases early sketches and syndication submissions from the strip’s development.

2. Comics Cavalcade: Some of Jim's favorite strips from 1978-2003.

3. Cartoonists' Convention: Some other cartoonists send Jim some strips about Garfield's 25th birthday.

4. Publislishing Powerhouse: Jim shares some of Garfield's books.

5. Say It With Garfield!: Jim shares posters, postcard, bookmarks, magnets, and more!

6. Garfield Goes Hollywood!: Jim tells about Garfield's specials and TV shows.

7. Stuck on You: The Phenomenon: The Stuck on You phenomenon took over in 1987 and caused destruction. Jim shows some Stuck on You's and news stories.

8. Garfield Stuff from A to Z: Garfield merchandise from A to Z.

9. 'Toon Talk: An interview with Jim Davis: Jim Davis does an interview with a few questions from readers.

10. The Art of Garfield: Jim Davis shares some art from a few Garfield books and others.

11. Garfield for President: Jim tells about how Garfield ran for President in 1996.

12. Education Sensation: Jim shows some Garfield education products.

13. Around the World in 25 Years: Garfield products went around the world. Jim shares some.

14. Fat Cat Fanatics: Jim shows some of the biggest Garfield fans.

15. Q & A with G: A few questions fans ask.

16. Paws: The House That Garfield Built: Jim shows some rooms in Paws Inc.

17. Photo Fun Fest: Photos of some great Garfield pictures.

18. Did You Know?: Some fun facts about Jim and Garfield.

19. Outtakes: Some pictures of unreleased Garfield products, as well as alternate takes.

Afterword: Lynn Johnstown (creator of For Better or For Worse)


  • In "Garfield Goes Hollywood!", one of the guest voices listed is Howie Mandel. It is unknown what Mandel did, if anything.
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