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Garfield and His Nine Lives is a 2006 video game released for the Game Boy Advance.


The player controls Garfield, who can jump, kick, crawl, and dash.

This game consists of nine levels, played in order. Each level has a different objective with 100 food items and one Pooky that Garfield can collect in every level. At the end of every third level, Garfield must fight a boss.

  1. Arbuckle Farm: Garfield must find ten eggs scattered around the level. Food item: Coffee
  2. Haunted House: Garfield needs to find a key and escape the haunted house. Food item: Pie
  3. The Circus: Garfield's goal is to escape the circus. This level contains the first boss in the game: a circus bear. It can be defeated if Garfield dashes into it from behind eight times. Food item: Ice Cream
  4. Spiders in the Sewers: Garfield must navigate through the sewers and find an exit. Food item: Pizza
  5. Up a Tree: To reach Nermal, Garfield has to climb up many trees. Food item: Hot dog
  6. Alley Cat: Garfield ventures through an alley, fighting stray cats and dogs, to reach a large gray cat who attacks by rolling and can be defeated by dashing into his back. Arlene appears at the end of this level. Food item: Donuts
  7. Obedience Class: Ten cats are being kept in cages in the dungeon-like basement of an obedience school, and Garfield must free them by running into them. Food item: Hamburger
  8. Dr. Dupes and the Odie Clones: Garfield has to find the real Odie in a lab of Odie clones. Food item: Cupcake
  9. Kitchen Cat-Astrophe: Garfield's final life takes place in his own home, infested with living food. He must make it to the refrigerator, dodge its vines, and kick the food it sends out back into it. When it has four health points remaining, it shuts and Garfield can dash attack it to defeat it. Food item: Ham

The game ends with a single image showing Garfield happily running away from the refrigerator, which is laying down on the floor.


  • Left/Right: Move
  • Up: Scroll the screen up
  • Down: Duck / Slam (in air)
  • A: Jump
  • B: Kick
  • L/R: Dash while running
  • Start: Pause

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