Not to be confused with the episode The Garfield Rap or the song of the same name.

Garfield and Friends Rap is the third theme song to the seventh season of Garfield and Friends. It was written and performed by J.R. Johnston and Neil Panton.

The theme was only used during the show's run on CBS. It was not included on the 20th Century Fox DVD releases, which use the international prints of the show.



  • He's fat and he's lazy,
  • He sleeps and he's so crazy,
  • He's funky, he's groovy,
  • He's grumpy, he's moody,
  • He's my main cat Garfield...,


  • That's me!


  • The fuzzy little ears on the top of his head,
  • Eyelids hangin' down like he just got out of bed,
  • A bustin' dialect, he's a cat and I know that,
  • A-groovin' with the sounds he can really get down,
  • Playing with Odie spells disaster,
  • But Garfield's the cat and remains the master,
  • Double rabble babble, he's a cat and I know that,
  • But stickin' with the facts, he can take you on back,
  • He's so fat, he's so fat, and he loves the lasagna,
  • Eatin' it whole with the sticky parmesagna...
  • Garfield and Friends,
  • Here they come, here they come, here they come!

Clips used in order


Garfield and Friends Season 7 intro (Unsucky Quality!)

Garfield and Friends Season 7 intro (Unsucky Quality!)


  • This is the only intro without the announcer saying "Ladies and gentleman, Garfield and Friends!".
  • This intro includes clips from the first, second, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons, as well as from Garfield in Paradise and Garfield's Feline Fantasies. It also includes the title card sequence used since the beginning.
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