Air date November 25, 1989.

First Segment: First Class Feline

When Jon and Odie come home after shopping for a toy for his nephew's birthday, they see Garfield stuffed Nermal in a box marked to Abu Dhabi again. So they decide to play a trick on Garfield to teach him a lesson by replacing Nermal with the toy in the box and telling Garfield he can't have lunch without his guest.

Second Segment: Hamelot

Main article: Hamelot

When the shower is broken, Orson decides to remedy this by getting an old bucket from the shed, but Orson falls when the pile that he is standing on collapses, leading to a dream of a Camelot-like setting.

Third Segment: How to be Funny

Main Article: How to Be Funny

Garfield gives a lecture on humor and what it means to be funny. He goes into detail on what is funny (silly costumes and gags including Odie loving Mondays) and what is not funny (pie and silly lighting jokes).

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