Air date November 25, 1989.

First Segment: Cactus Makes Perfect

Segment about Cactus Jake telling stories about his life.


  • The title may refer to a film by the Three Stooges by the name Cactus Makes Perfect.

Second Segment: Hogcules II

Roy Rooster sets up a mock game show and in turn tricks Wade Duck into opening the door of the grain silo, which causes a large pile of grain to spill out. After Orson Pig, Booker and Sheldon come along and state that the grain has to be cleaned up, Wade and Roy argue over whose fault it is; then Orson starts to clean the grain up himself. He then remarks that he’d have to be Hercules to clean it all up before the farmer sees it, and he proceeds to have a fantasy.

In the fantasy, Hogcules is summoned because a two-headed giant (who resemble Wade and Roy) has stolen the basin from the Imperial birdbath. Hogcules and his Sheldon-like philosopher sidekick track down the giant and soon find him using the basin as a swimming pool. After Hogcules tries to use his strength against him and fails, he then challenges him to a discus-throwing contest. The giant then uses the basin as a discus and throws it, and Hogcules and the philosopher quickly jump into it to return it back to the birdbath.

Back in reality, Wade and Roy are still arguing over cleaning up the grain. Orson then pulls Roy aside and tells him that he understands that Roy isn’t strong enough to clean the grain up; Roy feels threatened by this and starts cleaning it up. Wade then asks Orson what he and Roy were talking about, and Orson tells him that he knows that Roy is a much better worker than he is. Wade laughs at this idea and soon joins Roy in cleaning up the grain.



Roy: And here’s our next contestant on Let’s Make a Squeal. What’ll it be, sir? Door #1, or door #1?

Wade: Hmmm…aren’t there any other choices?

Roy: Nope. This is a low-budget show.

Third Segment: Crime and Nourishment

Retrieving his lasagna at a picnic, Garfield stumbles upon a strange community of small green people (similar to the Smurfs) who use food items as currency, and eats money.

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