Air date November 18, 1989

First Segment: The Bear Facts

While camping in the forest, much to Garfield's disadvantage, a stray dancing bear appears at the site.

Second Segment: Nothing to be Afraid of

Every one in the farm is tired of Wade's phobias, so they try to find something that would not scare him.

Roy Rooster tells Wade Duck that lobsters are attacking from outer space, and Wade responds by running across the farm in terror. Orson then tells Wade that he is afraid of the silliest things; then he enlists the rest of the gang in trying to find something that Wade couldn’t be afraid of.

Booker and Sheldon first try with a flower, but Wade sees a bee on it. Next, Roy gives him a rock, but when Wade lifts the rock to examine it, it falls on top of him. Lanolin Sheep then offers him a bone, and Wade is convinced that there is nothing scary about it until a dog attacks him.

Orson gives up on Wade, but Bo then walks up and takes a feather from Wade’s body, and Wade says that he can’t be afraid of it because it came from his body. Bo then leaves to finish moving a grand piano, while Wade decides that there may be other things that he can’t be afraid of. Orson watches as Wade throws the feather aside, which then gets stuck in a cow’s nostril, causing it to sneeze. The sneeze wakes up a nearby crow who had been sleeping, who in turn crashes into a weather vane. The weather vane falls off the barn roof and punctures an inner tube on the ground; a rabbit then hops out of the inner tube. The rabbit then knocks into Bo, making him lose his grip on the rope that was holding the piano. Bo throws a mattress on the ground just as the piano comes crashing down, causing it to bounce away and eventually land on Wade.

Wade is convinced that the feather caused all this, which Orson confirms. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang discuss how brave Orson is, but then they walk across him cowering with Wade.


  • Wade has a file cabinet (called Wade’s Worry File) that contains information on everything he is afraid of.
  • "This space for rent": Sign Orson points at Wade’s head.
  • Nearly all the? characters in most of this episode were more like their comic strip counterparts.

Third Segment: The Big Talker

Garfield is furious with a loudmouth superstitious television host, who hes cats, and plans revenge with superstition.

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