Airdate November 11, 1989.

First Segment: Attention-Getting Garfield

Garfield tries to gain more public attention after he realizes that Odie has the most attention.

Second Segment: Swine Trek

Orson Pig has a cold, and the rest of the gang try to nurse him back to health. Orson politely requests that they let him rest because if they get too close, they might get sick too. After they leave, Orson falls asleep and envisions everyone in a Star Trek-like fantasy.

Orson and his crew travel to planet Deneb 92 after receiving a distress call. After landing on the planet, it is revealed that the evil Porkons (Gort, Wart and Mort) made the call to lure Orson’s crew there so they can test their new secret weapon out on them. The crew easily defeat the Porkons by pelting them with photon tomatoes, and they run off leaving the secret weapon behind. Orson brings it aboard the spaceship and Bo opens it, which releases a space virus.

Orson wakes up from the dream then and realizes that his cold is gone. The rest of the gang then walk back in and state that they caught Orson’s cold, but they don’t blame him because he’d warned them earlier. Booker then advises Orson to stay away from them to avoid getting sick again, but Orson remedies this by donning a spacesuit to nurse them.


  • Booker says the phrase is, “Starve a cold; feed a fever,” but Sheldon claims the phrase is, “Feed a cold; starve a fever.” Sheldon is correct.
  • Above Orson’s bed is a poster of a character called Piggy, who appears to be a parody of comic strip character Ziggy.
  • Captain Orson has a Garfield walkie-talkie. His seat in the spaceship also has a feedbag for a cushion.
  • The title is a pun on Star Trek

Third Segment: It Must be True

At a TV station called WBOR, Garfield presents a show to a live Audience called 'It Must be True', where he claims everything stated television is a true fact.

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