Airdate: November 4, 1989

Binky Goes Bad!

Binky the Clown is put on trial at court after he is framed for Stinky Davis, a criminal; the events are explained to the audience by a script Garfield reads.

Barn of Fear

After a big harvest, all the buildings are stocked with vegetables, so Roy Rooster questions where everyone is supposed to sleep (especially because a rainstorm is heading their way). Orson Pig suggests that they all sleep in the old barn, but Wade is afraid that the barn is haunted by the ghosts of the ancient farmers. After Wade tells the history of how the farmers built the barn, Orson insists that there are no such things as ghosts and convinces them to go out to the old barn.

Orson’s brothers shelter themselves in the old barn until the rain stops so that they can steal the harvest. They then see Orson and the gang approaching, so they decide that they’ll scare them away. Meanwhile, the gang enter and then Orson easily falls asleep while everyone else is afraid of seeing ghosts. Gort and Wart then disguise themselves as ghosts and come after the gang.

Booker and Sheldon wake Orson up and tell him about the ghosts, and Orson easily reveals the ghosts to be his brothers. All three of his brothers then tie everyone up, and just before they run off to steal the harvest, they are attacked by various objects that appear to be floating; they then get scared and run away. The gang then mysteriously get untied; then they also leave. Booker reminds Orson that he stated that ghosts aren’t real, to which Orson states that an earthquake made his brothers get hit with all those objects. After they leave, the ghosts of the ancient farmers appear and lament about Orson’s skepticism.


  • This is a rare U.S. Acres episode to not feature a song.

Mini-Mall Matters

Garfield hosts a factual and educational show about mini-malls and how they are grown, maintained, and their features.

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