Aired on October 28, 1989.

First Segment: The Curse of Klopman

Jon Arbuckle's cousin Norbert has died, and has left the Klopman Diamond in his will, which Garfield believes has a curse; meanwhile a business partner ploys to steal the rare jewel.


  • Garfield answers the door by saying, "Hello, this is Garfield, your doorman," a reference to Lorenzo Music's past role as Carlton the Doorman on Rhoda.

Running Gags

  • Herman Post is seen hanged up-side down due to the trap.

Second Segment: Mud Sweet Mud

Trash is scattered everywhere across the farm, so Orson Pig gets the gang together and everyone eventually cleans things up. Afterwards, Orson goes to relax in his waller. Everyone then comes up to him and unanimously states that they still need to get rid of an “unsightly mudhole”. Orson agrees as well until he realizes that they’re talking about his waller.

The gang starts to drain it, but Orson stops them and tries to explain that he cleaned it up. The gang simply states that it’s “just mud”, to which Orson details that it’s more than that; it’s where he goes to relax. He then gives up and says that they can drain it before he glumly walks away. Everyone then feels bad about wanting to drain the waller, so they instead jump around and play in it; Orson soon joins in.


  • This episode is a rare occurrence where Lanolin Sheep admits that she disagrees with Bo Sheep on a regular basis.
  • At one point they play in the mud and have clothespins on their noses and when Orson Pig jumps in the clothespins are gone.

Third Segment:Rainy Day Dreams

During a rainy night, Jon Arbuckle has a date at home, despite the fact that his date is a home insurance salesman, while Garfield and Odie use their imaginations for adventures since they are bored.

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