Air date October 21, 1989.

First Segment: Robodie

A Mad Scientist kidnaps Odie to use him as a model for his cloning machine. This leads to funny moments as Garfield tries to kick Odie off the table and get rid of him with a fetch game. After they discover the hideout, all the robot dogs follow Jon to the restaurant where the episode began. First appearance of Dr. Garbanzo Bean.


  • In the sequel, Robodie II, Garfield states that the original Robodie was one of his favourite episodes.

Second Segment: First Aid Wade

Orson Pig and Roy Rooster are playing a game of table tennis, and at one point Roy hits the ball and sends it flying out the barn. Orson chases after it and ends up crashing into Wade Duck and a cow. Orson then successfully hits the ball back and runs back toward the barn. Wade then falls off the cow and hurts his leg; meanwhile, Orson misses the ball after Roy hits it again to win the game. Orson then lands on top of the table and breaks it.

Wade asks Orson to check out his leg, and Orson tells him that his leg is fine. Orson then goes back to the barn, to which Roy and he assess the table’s damage. When they talk about fixing it with glue and nails, Wade overhears them and thinks that they’re talking about his leg. He then runs off and worries to Booker and Sheldon that Orson and Roy want to operate on him. Booker and Sheldon say that he’s being ridiculous, and Wade agrees until he sees Orson and Roy walk up with tools, which makes him run off in a typical frenzy.



  • First Aid Wade is an episode of U.S. Acres. It was the 71st episode produced for the series, although it is listed as the 74th episode on the Garfield and Friends DVD

Third Segment: Video Victim

Main article: Video Victim

Garfield and Jon Arbuckle make a bet that if Garfield can stop watching TV for twenty four hours that he will stop using the vacuum, which annoys Garfield, who finds it hard to live without viewing programs.

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