Airdate: October 14, 1989

"Eat and be lazy, kids. And someday, you'll have your own show, too."

Season 2, Episode 23 of Garfield and Friends consists of the following:

Garfield Quickie

Polecat Flats

Main Article: Polecat Flats

Jon Arbuckle takes Garfield to a dude ranch called "Polecat Flats", where Garfield learns how life is lived on the ranch, while wondering what a polecat is.

U.S. Acres Quickie


Main Article: Hogcules

After hearing about his brothers paying a visit, Orson imagines himself as a Hercules-like hero.

Brain Boy

Main Article: Brain Boy

Garfield is framed for destruction by Rocco, a polite and clever son of Jon's cousin, who turns out to be cruel.

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