"Don't forget, kids, look both ways before crossing your teacher."

Garfield and Friends
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date November 12 1988
Garfield and Friends, S1EP8
Garfield and Friends, S1EP10

Season 1, Episode 9 is the ninth episode of Garfield and Friends.

First airdate: November 12, 1988

Garfield Quickie

The Binky Show

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U.S. Acres Quickie

Keeping Cool

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Garfield Quickie

Don't Move

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  • The Starz Encore print of this episode has flawed audio levels. In particular, the background music is excessively loud, making it difficult to hear the dialogue. This is most noticeable during “The Binky Show”, where the “Name that Fish” background music drowns out much of the lines from the announcer and Binky.
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