Garfield and Friends
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date November 19 1988
Garfield and Friends, S1EP9
Garfield and Friends, S1EP11

Air Date: November 19 1988

First Segment: Magic Mutt

When Jon Arbuckle is asked to perform a magic show, he discovers that his tricks are not as good as he thought, so he visits a magic shop, where Garfield and the owner's dog duel with the equipment in the store.

Second Segment: Short Story

While Bo is storing crops in the barn, Booker asks him if he can help, and Bo replies that it’s "grown-up work" -- which prompts Booker to complain to Orson Pig about being treated like a little kid. Orson’s brothers then come to the barn to steal the vegetables, and as soon as they open the door, the burglar alarm goes off. Booker attempts to run and catch the thieves, but Orson instead transforms into Power Pig to do so.

Orson approaches his brothers, but instead of being intimidated by him, they laugh hysterically at his Power Pig costume. While they are laughing, Roy and Bo pick them up in a wheelbarrow and dump them off a cliff into the river. Orson then decides that someone needs to stand guard at the barn because his brothers broke the burglar alarm, and when Booker volunteers, Orson tells him he’s too little -- which makes Booker storm off.

Orson chooses a reluctant Wade Duck to stand guard while Booker is off in the distance sulking on top of a haystack. Orson’s brothers then return and use sacks to capture everyone so that they can take the vegetables, after which they throw everyone into the barn and lock it. Orson concludes that they’re trapped because the only window in the barn is too small for them to get out through, but Bo points out that Booker can fit through it.

Booker goes out and then he throws vegetables at the brothers in a way that makes them think they threw the vegetables at each other. After they run off fighting, Booker lets everyone out of the barn, and everyone praises him for being a hero despite his small size.



Booker: Orson, I’m sick of everyone here treating me like a little kid!
Orson: But Booker, you are a little kid!
Wade: And I’m tired of everyone treating me like a cowardly, craven duck.
Orson: But Wade, you are a cowardly, craven duck!
Wade: I know. I’m just tired of everyone treating me like one.

Wade: We’re trapped! We’re trapped! I can’t take it any more! We’ll perish in here! Oh, no!
Roy: Wade, it’s too soon for that kind of theatrics.
Wade: I was just getting an early start.

Third Segment: Monday Misery

Garfield mails himself to another country to get away from Monday.

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